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HP Printer Maintenance, Fuser and Repair Kits for HP LaserJet Printers
Maintenance Kits
Fuser Kits

Replacing the parts in laser printer maintenance kits will take care of most laser printer problems. HP Laser Printer Maintenance Kits include fuser assembly, pickup/feed rollers and transfer roller.

HP Maintenance Kit

All Parts are easy to replace.

If your printer has never been serviced and the "perform printer maintenance" has appeared in the display it is best to replace all the parts in the maintenance kit. HP Maintenance Kits also include a transfer roller which should be replaced at the same time the fuser assembly.

New OEM - Quality remanufactured

It's all in the grease! We use HP OEM grease the really exspensive stuff for all our fuser rebuilds


HP Fuser Assemblies are the main component in Laser Printer Maintenance Kits. This is the part that bonds the toner to the page while feeding the paper through the printer. Removing the fuser assembly from the printer and examining the upper and lower rollers of the fuser is the best way to tell if the fuser assembly should be replaced

HP 4250 Fuser

Caution! - DO NOT Touch rollers in the fuser assembly - Fuser temperatures can reach near 400°F

  • In many cases the the pickup/feed rollers were either replaced previously to fix paper jams or the fuser has failed before the rollers.
  • If you know the fuser assembly is defective either by swapping it with another or by visual inspection, the transfer roller looks good (black- not gray), and you are not experience paper jams it may be ok to just replace the fuser assembly.
  • If your printer is displaying a "Fuser Error" message and reads open it is defective and should be replaced.
Paper Jam Kits
Tech Support Pages

Printer Jam Kits

If you are experiencing paper jams only and examining the fuser assembly does not show any signs of wear you may be able to just replace the parts in the paper jam kits.

If you have more than one paper tray and only get paper jams from one tray try swapping the feed rollers with the other tray. Paper Feed rollers can over time become slick and loose their gripping power to move the paper properly.

HP Fusing Units do not normally cause paper jams on their own. If the drive gear on the fusing unit looks worn you should also check the main drive gear inside the printer that it meshes with for wear. If these gears wear they usually do evenly so both will need to be replaced.



Check out printer support pages on how to test HP fuser assemblies with an ohm meter

Testing HP Fusers

Fuser Cores Wanted
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